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Thanks for taking the time to check out Boot+Trail!

Boot + Trail was an idea sparked whilst travelling and leading in the Australian bush. It was difficult to share adventures and as the time went on there were just more and more files stored of my travel journals and photography. 

This site was created as a platform to share personal adventures; a mixture of photography and journals. It’s a place where those that share similar passions can follow or for those that are keen to find out the how, can get out on your own adventures!

David is the guy behind the name Boot + Trail and loves nothing more than being amongst nature, mainly somewhere surrounded by mountains and coastline. Following his first big adventure traversing South America, New Zealand and Australia in 2013, his thirst for travel and adventure has only ever increased with the knowledge that there is so much out there! 

Since graduating he has specialised in a variety of roles in the outdoor world and thrives off personal challenge as well as sharing travel and outdoor experiences with others. David’s most recent + biggest adventure to date was hiking 2,653 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border…through desert, forests + mountains until reaching the Canadian border!  You can read more about this...'Challenge 2650'


It is just the start for Boot + Trail as there will be more blogs loaded as David recovers from the trail and creates more content from his journals and writings. So, stay tuned and please do throw some questions, comments and requests our way! 

Much Love!

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About Me

Hi there! Boot + Trail was created by outdoor enthusiast, David Glover a Yorkshireman that was raised surrounded by moorland and the Coastline. 

David has worked in outdoor adventure and taken on a variety of roles over the years. From leading journeys in the Australian bush to educational expeditions in Africa and South East Asia.


This site has been created to share his personal adventures through his lens + blogs. Thanks for taking the time to check out Boot + Trail and do leave us a comment.


Read about his most recent and biggest adventure to date...a 2,653 mile thru-hike from Mexico to Canada...

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