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On April 23rd 2019 I will be setting off on an adventure of a lifetime with nothing more than my 60L pack containing all my gear for a thru-hike and a 2650 mile trail ahead of me...

I will be following the Pacific Crest Trail from the US-Mexican border, plodding north along to the Manning Provincial Park, BC. I shall walk the length of California, Oregon and Washington, heading through the Mojave desert and into the High Sierra range!



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For some time I have been dreaming and craving a big adventure where I can push myself out of the daily routine and long hours to take on a personal challenge. 

However, I am not doing this trail solely because of my dream to head out on a beautiful trail for 5/6 months but also for a much bigger purpose...

My nephew, Josh was diagnosed with macular dystrophy when he was 4 years old in which his eyesight will deteriorate. Josh is now 7 years old and although he is coping well he has already lost considerable vision. My youngest nephew, Andy was also assessed early 2019 and the results show that he has the same condition. The time scale in which his sight worsens is unknown and although this is very sad they have been undeterred by this and they are both bubbly characters with great personalities. Josh has the ability to run like Bolt once his legs take him and Andy can't go a day without having several costume changes; Lone Ranger or Ninja turtle...most days decisions lead to a real mix!   

I am embarking on this journey to help raise funds to help Josh and others in his position.




WhAT & WHO AM I fundraising for?

The funds for Josh will help towards any adaptive training, visual aids and other forms of assistance that he will require as he grows.

I will also be raising money for the charity British Blind Sport (BBS). BBS is the only national sports charity in the UK specifically for visually impaired (VI) children and adults in the UK. BBS uses the power of sport to enhance the lives of people with VI and help them to develop more active, healthy and independent lifestyles. Every year BBS reach more than 5,000 people across the UK focused on the needs of people with VI of all ages.  


Sport acts are a springboard towards greater opportunities – improving health and wellbeing, building confidence, raising self-esteem and enabling people with VI to connect with others and be part of an active community.

Projects are targeted to help with:

-Adaptive equipment

-1-1 support for young children taking their first steps into activity

-Youth leadership and multi-sport taster days 

-Group walking programmes for older people experiencing isolation and loneliness

First Steps initiative for Children with Sight Loss


There are more than 25,000 VI children in the UK and research shows that, despite having the same potential as their sighted peers, VI children have much poorer motor skills & are far less likely to be physically active. VI children tell us they are often excluded from taking part in sport and physical activities which can have a devastating & long-lasting impact on their health & wellbeing.


Research shows that early intervention, adaptive equipment and the teaching of physical activity is crucial for children with sight loss to assist their physical literacy. 


Raising a child with a disability is estimated to be three times more expensive than the cost of raising a non-disabled child. This makes it difficult for a parent to access help or buy assistive toys or equipment that a child with sight loss may benefit from.


The project provides a fun activity pack for children aged 2-11yrs to...

-Improve their motor skills

-Increase their confidence

-Strengthen their relationships through play 


Children can receive a ‘Jangles’ pack which contains items such as an audible ball, pump, activity booklet and a reward chart to map their successes as their ability grows. The child’s journey into sport can also continue with 1-1 support from a First Steps Officer who works with the child & family over a 12-month period to help progress their skills and support them in accessing sport & physical activity opportunities in their local community. 

bbs' project aim

The project needs to be made available to all VI children in the UK and they need your support to achieve this. Each Jangles pack costs £20 and will allow us to give one VI child the equipment they need to take their first steps into sport.

If you are able to donate price of a coffee a month or a one-off donation as I progress along my journey to Canada that would be incredible - you can donate by clicking on the images below...

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